Friday, November 27, 2009

Here are some shots Dicky Stew took at the 'Never Trust A Party Over 30' Barky Lew birthday bash. And a quote from Stew...

To whom it may concern,

That was BIG FUN Wed. night. I continue to be amazed that a bunch of AARP aged people like us can still have that much fun after 30 years. Who knows how many years of this we have left, but I know I'm not done yet.

Sean, thanks for everything you do to make it happen and great job on the buttons.

Ray great job on the CD and thanks again.

Alan, Cormey, Joe, Lewis, Rob, Sean, Steve and the rest that kicked ass musically all night, you all ROCK. Thanks for all of the enjoyment you've given me and the rest of us all of these years. I'd appreciate it if someone would forward this to those whose e-mail addresses I don't have.


Anonymous said...

great to see all of you while I was there, wish I had felt better.

Sean said...

Just to clarify, I made the buttons from a Ray c. design. A team effort. I thought they turned out great...and VERY rare. Only 22 of them exist!
It was a great night and TOO much fun. The band rocked!

Anonymous said...

A blog thank you needs to go to Sean for putting this party together. To all the musicians for playing. Sounded great! To the friends and family. Great to see everyone! And to Mr. Lew, for his 'induced' penmanship 30 years ago. You can trust a party.