Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just Leave It

I met these three guys in the Lariat Saloon the other night and I just couldn't help but think I had met them somewhere before. The one in the middle was about my age and the other two "older guys" kept reminding me of some people from my past. I kept trying to place them, wondering if they were from my old school days in Mayfield or maybe from some gig in Colorado Springs with one of the old bands when John Elway or Goose Gossage would get up on stage and try to sing! I guess my mind is just losing the battle with age (God knows my body has). Can anyone identify these suspects in the picture? I think the guy on the left has something suspicious in his pocket and looks like he might have had a couple of shots with "Leeper" and "Nine Toed Bob"! In retrospect, they were probably just some friends up to do some fun in the snow or ice fishing here in good old GL or maybe we all played in a band somewhere?Oh well, just put me back in the ward until June.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Be The First On Your Block

Every body's been clamoring for info on how to get their very own "Flashing Bunny Ears"! Well ask and you shall receive my friends! I will soon have the fuzzy little LED lit creatures available for purchase along with your Foot Foot DVD-CD and book. Keep checking the web site at for more details. Cheers, beers and ears!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Foot Foot Web Site

Now hear this!! The web site for The Brothers Foot(or is that feet?) is open and ready for business. The address is or just click on it here on the blob under links or at my web site under related sites. The book is still in the editing stages and won't be available for another month or so but I have the DVD-CD package ready to go for $10.00 plus shipping and handling(whatever that might be, probably a couple bucks). If anyone here is interested in one(or ten) just contact me directly through my e-mail at or leave a comment here and I will contact you if I have your e-mail address. Most people who read this here blob are friends and family anyway. The web site turned out pretty good. To make sure to go from page to page just click on the sign posts when you see the little hand. On the DVD-CD page you click on the DVD picture to see a short clip of the narrated story. On the real deal, there's one video of the story narrated by Ken Lund and features Ronnie Roo's wonderful illustrations plus another video of the song(check out the harmonica Alvin). There is also a separate CD with the song to play in your car or on your yacht or wherever. Hope you all check it out and enjoy it. I can't wait until the book is ready. I will keep you posted.

ps Rumor has it that Ronnie has made up an action dance(like the Alligator and Gum Tree dances). Maybe she can make a video of it and I can put it on the web site!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Check Out These Bums!!

Sean, I hate to bust(or lance)your bubble...but these are not hemorrhoids but actually Q-tips. I remember my doctor telling me when I was a kid not to stick anything in my "Lyndon Johnson" ears smaller than a finger inside a washcloth.(OK, I opened myself up for a few comments there)...But as I recall our Dr.Gardner?(BEST PEDIATRICIAN IN THE KNOWN FREE WORLD!!) warned us against the evil ways of 'Q-Tips' in the ears before she would slap us on the back with her gusto as she'd send us on our way back to 'Leave it to Beaver World'. As you can see, these are cotton tail bunnies and not ashamed to show off their back sides. Who wouldn't be proud of bums like that? I mean. have you ever seen a rabbit from the front side? It's not a pretty's like the vengeance of 'Mac' forced to play 'straight harp' on a Neil Young song at the Inauguration! These are brothers of the briar patch! If you think playing to the crowds in Keensburg, Ullesses, Flagler, Colby, Milan or the "Stumble East" was tough... imagine singing in a briar patch with three ugly rednecks pointing guns in your whiskers! TRUST ME...these hares have hair!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I See Dead Rabbits

I see rabbits everywhere. In my dreams, in the yard, they even hop, skip and thump in front of my car on my way home from work at 2:00 in the morning! I see a sign post up ahead and I can't control the horizontal or the vertical anymore.....AAARRRGGG!!!!!! I wonder if Rod Serling or Stephen King ever saw rabbits? I believe Elmer Fudd experienced this same trauma but he had a shotgun and that great hunter hat with the ear flaps. I only have a stack of DVD cases full of six rabbit feet. I hope that's good luck!! Stay tuned for more info as the singing bunnies prepare to invade your home too. Even those of you in 'The Beave"!! An alligator has no chance against these devils(remember Monty Python and the Holy Grail?) They haunt me as they foot, and two foot and the brother they call OOOOOOHHHHH!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out Of Ink

I've spent the last few days putting the final touches on 'The Foot Brothers' DVD & CD package. Thanks to help from my friend Dave Messinger and a free "trial download", I finally got the DVD finished the way I wanted. Ken Lund did an excellent job narrating the story on the Monday before(I have another blob about that recording session to come). There's a lot of work spent on getting everything as close as I can to the way I picture it in my 'little mind'. The music tracks were already recorded but I had to put that together with Ken's narration track and make it sound as smooth as I could. I'm still just learning this new Pro Tools system that Allan Blackwell of Southwest Recording set me up with awhile back, but I think I did OK. To make a long story longer, I was finally printing the DVDs, CDs and jacket covers today and ran out of ink about 5:00pm. In the 'the big smoke' that would be no problemo (the malls are open 'til 9:00) but here at 8369', the office supply in Granby was closed. The end of this boring blob is...I called the Paper Clip in Granby and Jena said she would try and have the ink cartridges I want by tomorrow. Stay tuned for more on the, soon to be released, book, CD and DVD of The Brothers Foot!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Josh Who?

And the winner is........Josh McDaniels. Another chapter in the Denver Broncos book of coaches. I don't know about you, but I've never heard of him before. I suppose as offensive coordinator of the Patriots he should really be able to fix our daunted defense. What will little Jayboy think? I saw part of the news conference and I believe he's married to Princess Diana's sister. Maybe he'll build a mansion like Mike and give the construction business a well needed boost. Oh well, I shouldn't criticize. He should enjoy a little honeymoon from us fans for a year or two. I wish him all the best and hope Laura can now afford a haircut from this century. As always, I encourage blob feedback and comments. GO BRONCOS!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hang On Soupy

I realize it's Elvis' birthday today but what about Soupy Sales? I remember the Soupy Sales lunch show with White Fang(pictured here) and Black Paw. I saw that today was Soupy's birthday but is there any reference to the greatest 'pie in the face' TV host....nooo! Upstaged by the big "E". Elvis' movies were on the movie channel all day but I never saw a rerun of White Fang slapping ' the Soupster' in the face or Black Paw caressing his cheek just before the pie hit him in the face. I get the same treatment in Grand Lake on my birthday because I share it with DJ, Carol Wolf and Kathy Whitman (all younger and prettier). So, hang in there Soupy...Soupy hang on. Some of us "old farts" still remember.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

As Carlos Fillets

I don't know what it is about pelicans? I think I might have been one in a former life. They are some of the coolest creatures on this planet as far as I'm concerned.! The way they glide over the water soooo low... and in what I call squadrons(which may be what that's called). Then those 'goofballs' tuck up their wings and dive from way above, dropping faster than a torpedo from the sky, snag a fish like magic and go on their merry way. Oh, they might not look as magnificent and graceful as an Osprey, Kingfisher or Sea Eagle and all those fancy birds, but these guys 'do their thing' and don't mind looking a little ridiculous in the process. Precarious landings are routine and I have this feeling that they really don't give a 'flying fish' ,because they know they are coooool!!. I have been lucky enough to go out fishing for a Dorado, Marlin or Tuna in Cabo with Captain "James B. Cool" on his boat ...the "Double Take" (no bananas please!) and as Carlos fillets on the stern, those moochers wait for the scraps from the day's catch, but I, on the other hand, relate to them. They are just living the ' life of Riley' along with everyone else on the beach and enjoying the sun and the sea. John Denver said he would like to 'come back' as an eagle, (and I believe he did). Me.... I want to come back as a pelican

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

What a bunch of bull! New Years Eve with out champagne? What would the 'Pennstigator' think? I played at Caroline's tonight for the dinner hour...pretty mellow, but nice. I remember, or don't remember, all the New Years Eve's I've played over my 35 years or so of doing this music thing. I think Mountain Flyer played at a VFW hall in Ulysses Kansas once or twice and our drummer tried to run over Joe with his van, (why Joe?) Of course, we got a new drummer soon after (why is it always the drummers)? And how about the 'Clones of the Pioneers' gigs at the Hungry Farmer in "The Springs" with Barky Lew driving home with out a shirt and a tiara on his head(he would still be in jail if the cops had stopped him). Many years at the Lariat with Walter, Mac, Scott, 'Hot Rod' and Alligator Al and the 'Pirates'. One year with "Super Dave" at the Arboreal Club( I don't how it's spelled or anything about it, other than it's up by Mary Jane in Winter Park) We got a whole bunch of rich people to do a conga line and dance on tables. Dave and I barely made it there and back because a couple feet of snow decided to fall that night and they never asked us to play there again! I think one of my favorite's was at Jimmy and Patty's bar in Encampment Wyoming a few years back and we stayed at RG's wonderful bed and breakfast in Riverside. Mac got to share a room with Mike Hall instead of Rene because the weather was so bad that she couldn't make it. There was a contest the next morning between Jimmy and RG over who made the best Bloody Mary's (both excellent). WOW.... if I could remember all the New Years Eve gigs I've played?....I could write a book, but no one would believe it! Oh, the stories we could tell.