Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There's Always Room For Jello!

There's a water station about half way through the 5k walk/run course at the Grand Lake race for the cure. The volunteers every year have been myself, Dave, Mike and Bill (pictured here). Ah, but this isn't your typical water station....remember this is Grand Lake. Along with bottled water, there's also a selection of jello shots! They are very popular, especially with the walkers and stragglers, and they even come in unleaded for the kids.
Remember...the race is this Sunday(Oct.5) and the forecast is for a beautiful day!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Get Ready, Get Set....

The Race for the Cure is this coming Sunday. Some people participate in Denver with thousands of others and are inspired by the incredible number of people who join in to help this great cause. Here in Grand Lake we also have a 5k run-walk that is affiliated with the Denver Komen Race but in our own smaller version. Last year we enjoyed the company of around 300 friends who ran, walked or strolled the course that winds it's way through our little village and were also inspired by not only the beauty of the mountains around us but also by the energy of the people here who share the dream to find a cure.
Pictured above is our great friend Terri "O'Dell-A -Witz" who was going through treatment at this time last year and sporting her beautiful baldness underneath that funky hat.
This week I will attempt to share some of the spirit that abounds here on race day on this blob. I encourage comments from people who have been here for the race or been involved somewhere else.
Anyone who wants to join in can register at http://www.komendenver.org/ Our team name is Team Grand Lake. Or you can register Sunday at Pancho & Lefty's starting at 9:00 am.

PS. The weather is expected to be sunny and fine

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strawberry Lake

I remember one of my first summers in Grand Lake there was alot of talk about a festival up at Strawberry Lake. The trail head starts off the road to Monarch Lake and heads towards the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area and after a steep hike ends up in this meadow. The "festival" was not long after 'Woodstock' and rumor had it that there would be thousands of 'Hippies' invading Grand Lake, which had plenty of it's own in the late 60's and early 70's. It was really a gathering of the 'RainbowFamily of life' (whoever they are) and other than people taking showers at the car wash in Granby, I don't know if there was any kind of impact in Grand Lake despite all the talk and worries by the locals.
So anyway, it's a nice little hike and a beautiful view of Arapaho Peak awaits you. There are a couple remains of some old log cabins but not much else left by humans. No signs of tie dye's or meadows of hemp; just things the way nature intended it to be.
I'm not sure of what my point is here, except to say that, in time mother nature will handle things and eventually the pine beetles will be gone and new trees will grow where the dead ones stand now and life will continue to grow and flourish as always.
And I hope there will always be hippies!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've got ripplin' waters to wake me(Thanks Ibby). So many of the songs I love to sing are about the mountains and streams and vistas of this wonderful place I get to call home. I've written a few of my own but I love to sing songs by artists that 'get it'! There are way too many to recall but I will try and name some of my favorites and if you get the chance to tap into their music, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

Everyone knows John Denver's songs(of course) and I love 'em too but here's some others I like that you can probably Google or you tube to hear some other great rocky mountain tunes.

Jim Salestrom; Jimmy Ibbotson; Chuck Pyle; Michael Murphey; John Daily; Bob Turner...there are soooo many(help me out here Sean and Dicky Stew and Rob) and of course our own such as Peggy Mann; Arnie Green; Jon Cook; Larry Bishop; Bart 'The Artist'; Oly and Brad and Lynnea.

I know I've left out a whole bunch, so maybe some of you can leave a comment as to some of your favorite Colorado musicians and song writers to refresh my memory and give some insight to my blob readers as to who to look for..

OK, here's another...Rick Roberts' "Hey, Colorado", Merle Haggard's Colorado etc. etc. etc....

post script... so I go to bed, thinking I've got a good idea for a blog about Colorado music and then realize that I left out the best one of all...."Good Feelin' To Know" by Richie Furay and Poco...so I had to get out of bed and edit my blob or I would never go to sleep..................

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Indian Summer

It's still absolutely gorgeous here in the 'high country'! The colors are really coming out now and I believe this weekend will be the best to view the aspen. The days have been warm and sunny and the nights cool and the milky way is not just a candy bar up here in the thin air of the Rockies.
In local news...the town of Grand Lake finally has a mayor, Judy Burke won over Glenn Harrington yesterday after the spring election was declared a FUBAR. There have been lots of critters around. Today I saw a golden eagle, coyote, deer, fox, bluebirds and I hear there's one big moose up near Columbine Lake that's as large your Alaskan variety!
It'll be snowing before you know it, so enjoy Indian Summer while it lasts.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Aaahtumn, when the pine trees turn brown and the skies are blue. No, wait; aren't the aspen supposed to turn to colors of gold, red and yellow against the green needles of the lodge pole and spruce against a magnificent Colorado sky? Well, the aspen are doing their part and showing off their 'Fall Line'! But thanks to the beetles( not J.P.G.&R.) but the mountain pine variety, we now have a new backdrop to God's palette here in the Rockies....'BROWN!' I guess we'll just have to get used to the new look of 'Indian Summer'.
No worries though, it's still the best time of year in the high country and the weather has been co-operating very nicely, thank you. Most of the osprey are gone and the hummingbirds are probably in Central America by now but the elk are whistling, the moose are getting nastier than ever and fox, porcupine, squirrels and raccoons can be seen everywhere.(sometimes as 'road kill')
A sure sign Winter is on the way was always when the boys at the bar started tipping their hats to the ladies and buying drinks for them in hopes of companionship through the long, cold winter nights ahead and when a pair of long-johns, and a guitar by the fireplace just weren't quite enough company!(times haven't changed too much)
The Equinox is upon us, "so rut 'em Joe, I've got a little something, you otta know"....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hey, I Can See My House From Here

The weather here in good old Grand Lake has been absolutely fantastic the last few days. There is definitely a hint of Fall in the air. The mornings are a little frosty and a little fog rises off the mirror-still lakes as they start to cool off from the cold nights. Only the ripples from a few trout rising break the calm surface of the water. Afternoons are warm and sunny with only a cloud or two floating in the clear Colorado skies.

This picture was taken from Apiatan Mountain which is just off the Stillwater Road and not far from my house. It's a short climb to the top and from there are views of the Porfery Peaks, Cascade Mountain and Gravel Mountain. To the east you can see Lake Granby and somewhere in this picture you can almost see my place. The tipi is still up and ready for visitors. I know we'll have some on the first weekend of October. The race for the cure is Sunday, Oct. 5th and we're expecting friends from the flat lands to be here then. I hope the weather stays as wonderful as it is today. You just can't beat Indian Summer in the Rockies!

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, No It's......

Captain Bronco!!!
Fearless leader of the Bronco nation in a never ending campaign to return to and win another Super Bowl. Now that the scumbag Raiders are out of the way it's time to return to those great days of yest-er-year when our hero led us to back-to-back Super Bowl wins. And you thought it was John Elway....wrong cheese head! This picture must have been taken before half time because the can of green beans is still right side up. Remember Barky's Bronco death punch(I can't taste any alcohol in this), flying vodka bottles(Ray), spending most of the game in the bathroom because they scored while you were in there and you can't come out til they score again. Maybe it was spending half the game in the closet with a second grade school teacher who hadn't had any fun in fifteen years. Return with us now and leave your favorite Bronco party memory here on the blob! GO BRONCOS!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Keep Those Cards And Letters Coming

This is the one and only 'Whooly Booger'! It's one of the very few ever captured and mounted. Speaking of mounting..if this is a female, it's no wonder that they're extinct. Just when you think you're sneaking up on it from behind, you realize it's really about to attack! I loved the comments on the last blog. Maybe some of you future Pulitzer prize winners can comment on our friend pictured here. Thanks for reading, Corm

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

OK, here's the idea. No one leaves comments on the blob... and I understand. From what I hear, quite a few people tune into this thing to catch up on Grand Lake news but I seldom see anything under comments! I have thought of a way to communicate like a real blog but I promise I will only do this for a couple of days to see if I get a response. If you choose to click on to the 'make a comment' option here on the blob...go ahead and make one; and instead of having to sign in, just leave your moment of inspiration and click anonymous, cast your fate to the wind and your name or not and you can even leave a comment about some one elses tasteless remark... (I'm counting on you, Stevie Ray, Rockin' Ray, Muff, Jerke and Sean) and do a little chit-chat amongst your crazy selves. Most of you know each other but only admit it when Barky Lew's birthday comes around. Here's a photo that my mother has never seen but now it's out there in cyber-space for all of you to take a shot at me with. My title would be...I LOVE CABO!
What's yours?

Monday, September 8, 2008

No Comment

I don't quite know what to say here. I saw this sign on golf course road the other day and just had to take a picture. I'm sure I could comment on this but it sounds too painful!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let's See Tiger Do This!

Pictured to the left is the fine art of sputting! The first to ever attempt this incredible feat was Grand Lake's own...Carol Ann Thompson. She is still the gold medalist but was actually upset by my sister, Billie 'she's so Wright' today at the GL links on the ninth hole. There was not the usual gallery on the deck, just me and Stevie Ray. We had a maarvolous time and recalled our many adventures here when the woods were a place to go and search for your ball or maybe do something illegal or just water a tree in your own special way.

Well there are no more trees and we were all sober(what's up with that?) but I had the best time just being with very special friends! I actually hit a few good shots and after my first drive we pulled up and Stevie Ray said "Look, a hail sized golf ball!!" Some things never change... the same old rules still apply...'swing hard, swing fast, look up, four putt'.

Last weekend was also filled with memories brought forth by the visits of old, and I mean OLD friends. Jack and Loraine Ayers, Dave and Marlis, the 'NO NAME BAND'- Eddie, Sterling, Dave, Tim, Warren, Mark, Carey, 'Super Dave', and even the 'late, great', Walter Holland!

It's sooo fun to see some of the 'old gang'. Thanks for dinner Sluggo!