Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here's a crazy idea for a bumper sticker that wandered into my twisted little mind the other day. I remember years ago Terry Bramwell had a bumper sticker on his old Plymouth Duster that had a bull legged cowboy relieving himself and the words... "DIVERT THIS DENVER" on it. I think it was about the Frying Pan project to divert water to the the eastern slope like the Big Thompson Project and others. I guess when you're at the top of the food chain (water wise) everyone wants the pristine waters that come from the HEADWATERS of the Colorado River just up the road aways. And I suppose that when we and the moose and deer etc. let our waters flow... they all go downstream! So "FLUSH TWICE - DENVER NEEDS THE WATER!" Here's the website for the "SAVE THE FRASER AND COLORADO RIVER" ...http://www.cotrout.org/


Anonymous said...

His aim is true.

Anonymous said...

I'ts possible to save the water.
Remember Eagle county blocked Colorado Springs from completing
the homestake project. Now they are planning to take water out of the Pueblo reservoir. Joe B.