Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let's See Tiger Do This!

Pictured to the left is the fine art of sputting! The first to ever attempt this incredible feat was Grand Lake's own...Carol Ann Thompson. She is still the gold medalist but was actually upset by my sister, Billie 'she's so Wright' today at the GL links on the ninth hole. There was not the usual gallery on the deck, just me and Stevie Ray. We had a maarvolous time and recalled our many adventures here when the woods were a place to go and search for your ball or maybe do something illegal or just water a tree in your own special way.

Well there are no more trees and we were all sober(what's up with that?) but I had the best time just being with very special friends! I actually hit a few good shots and after my first drive we pulled up and Stevie Ray said "Look, a hail sized golf ball!!" Some things never change... the same old rules still apply...'swing hard, swing fast, look up, four putt'.

Last weekend was also filled with memories brought forth by the visits of old, and I mean OLD friends. Jack and Loraine Ayers, Dave and Marlis, the 'NO NAME BAND'- Eddie, Sterling, Dave, Tim, Warren, Mark, Carey, 'Super Dave', and even the 'late, great', Walter Holland!

It's sooo fun to see some of the 'old gang'. Thanks for dinner Sluggo!

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