Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Stephen

Tomorrow, November 14th is Stephen Bishop's birthday. He was born the same year as me...1951. He is one of my favorite singer-songwriters(especially the early stuff before he did the movie songs that probably made him a fortune). Haven't heard anything from him lately but I came across this picture and couldn't help but put it out there for you bloggers. I think he looks rather 'festive' but I can't help but wonder if those pants are real polyester? Anyway, happy birthday Steve. Can I borrow that outfit for "Louie Heckert Night"? I could go 'On and On' but I just wanted to give you all something new to comment on. Ooh and how 'bout that guitar?


William said...

I think I had a leisure suit that matched thos pants

Anonymous said...

Hey Corm, he has sure aged better than you & I


Anonymous said...

You could be twins! Spooky...
xox M

Anonymous said...

it's the socks that make the suit.

Sean said...

So great to see you give some "props" to ol Bish (not to be confused with your Bish!). As you know, I've always been a big fan of his (and yours), what with his ability to be stark raving mad (SRM)and then sing a absolutely incredible song that breaks the heart. Great songwriter..and what a voice! Bish has it all.
There are so many similarities between you both go by a four letter version of your last name, you both write incredible songs, you're both SRM...and you both started long ago in a surf band! His was The Weeds and he wrote their non-hit, "Surf's Turf", LOL.
One of my great memories of Stephen Bishop is when he played the "charming guy with guitar" in Animal House. If you remember, he's sitting on the stairway in the Delta House, strumming and singing ("strawberries.."), impressing the girls, when Belushi comes up and smashes the guitar to smithereens. Hilarious! (And doesn't it harken back to our UNC days!?) Word is that Bishop still has the smashed bits of guitar framed on his wall. Sentimentalist!

Thanks for bringing ol Bish up, think I'll go put on some of his music.