Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas With Alice

Alice is a piece of work, that is. Ronda Eden sculpted Alice out of paper mache and burlap and was featured in her art gallery at Caroline's Cuisine years ago. I really liked Alice and wanted to purchase her as soon as I layed eyes on her incredible hump! Ronnie said she would only part with Alice on one condition(besides the purchase price). That I would have to take Alice out on the town every now and then. Tonight seemed like the perfect time to let the old girl out of the barn and party a bit.
We started off at Caroline's, of course, and soon made our way up to Peggy & Ken's beautiful home to visit with Ken and Marty Lund for a great visit and chat about Ireland, Peggy's new CD and the Foot Foot Song.
I loved spending Christmas Eve with good friends and my dromedary friend. I thought I was going to work tonight but as things turned out....all was calm, all was bright
Alice, Jeanine and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!


tonester said...

would Alice like to swap places with me and see the amazing sights of Ohio for a while?

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the photo & the dog appears mesmorized (sp) by the creature's tail/tale .....rlm