Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who's Kilban?

OK, here's the little bit I remember about this cartoonist. When I first moved to Colorado Springs to start the "sixties revival" .... (Byrds wanna be) band 'Phantom Hooters' with Sean, I moved into the apartment above "Barky Lew" and "Peach". I don't even want to get started about stories of those days....it would be a book the size of "War and Peace" but we really don't want to go there...do we?
Any who... Sean and Rob had a book of cartoons much like Gary Larson of 'Far Side' fame by a guy named B. Kilban. His big thing was cats but this guy had this "other side" that we could really appreciate. The cartoon in my previous blog was titled "fat man sitting on the presidents face" and there was another of my favorites titled "sedan fading for a cone" that I tried to find on this incredible Internet thing (thanks, Al Gore... just kidding) but happened upon the one I posted.
Well, enough of that ... anyone who appreciates good humor and cartoons should check out Kilban's work. Click on this...

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Anonymous said...

The callous sophisticates laughed at Judy's tiny head!