Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yesterday was still and clear here at 8369'. Today it's still snowing and clear up to my ( know). My snow blower is backed into the garage and ready to go and my snow shovel is next to the front door but unlike the snow blower, I'm not quite ready for all this 'white stuff' yet! But, I guess it's time to brave the elements, brush off the car and test out my new snow tires. Or I could stoke the fire ( or in my case, turn up the's a gas fireplace), write a song about a beach(oh, I've already done that). I guess I'll just go to town and have a margarita!


tonestigator said...

have one of Lisa's early Bloody Marys for me. they taste better there than anywhere else I've been!

Anonymous said...

From the sounds of the weather, maybe you should go to Vegas and have a Margarita. Oh, and wear white.