Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anybody Have A Door?

I've picked on others for doing stupid things here on the hill in Winter, so I guess I have to pick on myself this time. As I tried to back into the driveway last night I slid off into the 'new' fire hydrant that was installed last summer. I tried to "rock" the Focus out and smashed the passenger door up pretty good. Result....fire hydrant-1, Focus-0!!!!


Anonymous said...

At least they're the same color!
lol Roo

Anonymous said...

I am sure if the county installed it, they are responsible???? I know if you call they will bring you a door. Oh My!!

Sean said...

So, Tiger couldn't blame his "mishap" on ice and snow. Good move, Corm. Sounds like you've got it covered for the paparazzi. Didn't notice if anyone had to smash out your back window with a golf club to "save" you. You'll have to spin that your own way, I guess. I'm assuming you had no injuries, other than your poor little car.

Anonymous said...

Now if you could only play golf like Mr. Woods.

toni said...

you'd better go pee on that hydrant so it knows who is boss from now on. nip this thing in the bud before other obstacles around your house join forces and wage an all out war on you.

Anonymous said...

Transcript from the Grand County 911 call:

Sir pls state the reason for your call ?

You say you are not Focused?? ...pls stop crying and explained what happened?

You say you "Backed In" last night ?

Do you have a hemmoroid condition or a bad stool ?

You say you tried to Rock the Focus?

I understand ..... is that on your new CD?

You state you smashed the Doors ?

repeat pls ....your're still sobbing and sniffing

I understand ...... I like Smashing Pumkins too

Was anyone injured ?

repeat was anyone injured?

Hide the Rant

Oh you Rockers are cute bunch
Now stay off the phone Bart Simpson

We may have a real emergency coming in

Foot Foot was found run over by a un-Focused driver


Anonymous said...

How could any one top the transcript from Mac.

Anonymous said...

Next step...Rehab.

Anonymous said...

Are we talking Tiger rehab or Grand County rehab??

Anonymous said...

nice yellow pole Corm, you add that yourself for guidance?

toni said...

okay, time for some love, people!
(and really big rubber bumpers, maybe? i want some too!)
let he among us who has not collided, cast the next aspersion.
you have some very funny friends, Corm!

Anonymous said...

The yellow pole? Might that be added to the Lariat for late night dancing> Looks pretty flimsy but....with the right person dancing
Maybe a new career?

Anonymous said...

whow!! ... Toni wants big RED bumpers !!!..I thought those buckeyes ..... were OK !!!

signed the Mens Club Grand lake Colo ... Dern Elderly CEO

toni said...

you know that's not what I meant! ...stinkers, the lot of you!

... i miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Focus people. Corm needs Focus on the Door, not on poles and bumpers.

MJ said...

Been away for awhile and I miss everything. Hey Corm, I have a red truck with a door. Would that work? Or maybe your engine could go in the truck I have that needs an engine. Anyone have an engine for a Dodge Dakota? or how about a truck to go with the engine you have? Too bad that focus isn't a little bigger.

Anyway, bumpers, doors, golf clubs, and hydrants...you all are nuts!!!!

Anonymous said...

Grand Lake Classifieds:

For Sale:

Dependable transportion; localy owned.

Low miles; driven at extremly slow speeds.

GPS wired to the lariat, Carloines & sagebrush.

One owner and one of a kind.

Options include CD, guitar picks, mic stands and unused box of depends.

contact: 970-8369
leave message for .... Bondo


Anonymous said...

Oh how sick we are!

Steve Cormey said...

Winter is a boring time of year. I'm happy to keep you all entertained with my escpades. Stay tuned for the saga of the water heater that took over the bathroom...