Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunset At 8369'

It seems like everyday there is something here at 8369' to remind us why we live here. This was the sunset last night. Pretty dang cool!!!


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MJ said...

Thanks for sharing my friend. We are in the coldest temps of the season so far with a snow storm approaching. CJ and I have Bengals tickets for Saturday with temps at a high of 18. Think warm thoughts!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Corm! However, after our Barky Lew Thanksgiving roar
I'm reminded that life is like a round of golf, and we're on the back nine. Hell, I think I've even seen the club house a couple of times. I'm buying drinks at the 19th!

Joe B.

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Sean said...

Dang, Corm, that's Colorado beauty at its best! Thanks for sharing.
Joe - I'll take you up on the drinks! Save me a spot.

Anonymous said...

Who's running the orange spot light? Nice.