Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Czech This Out Boys!

Our beloved Petra from the Czech Republic dancing up a storm on New Years Eve at Caroline's. If ever you get up to to 8369' and go to Caroline's Cuisine for a fantastic dinner, I hope you get the pleasure to have Petra as your waitress. She is an absolute hoot and has some great stories about how she got to the good old U.S of A.


Ronnieroo said...

Go Petra! Ahhhh the good ole days at Carolines! Brings back fond memories!
Love ya all. Ronnie Roo.

Anonymous said...

Petra made our dinner very memorable, can"t remember the last time I laughed that much eating a meal, not to mention hearing her migration story! And yes she is a HOOT!

MJ said...

Happy Easter Foot Foot!!!!

Happy Spring Grand Lake!!!!