Monday, August 11, 2008

Grand Lake Meets Beijing

I performed at the Gateway Inn last Friday. Usually, I play out on the deck which has a fantastic view of the lake and Mt. Baldy. The weather didn't co-operate so I was forced to play inside which is a little different. This night turned out to be very different indeed!
Somewhere in the middle of my second set, a group of young people invaded the place and took all the seats up front. They weren't there to hear me sing 'Never Summer' or 'Don't Pet The Dog'. They were there to view the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games.
It turns out that all these youngsters were children adopted from China (many from Beijing). It was a ten year anniversary and most of them were not much older than that. They all live in Colorado and they were in Grand Lake with their families to have a reunion and came in to enjoy the 'big screen TV'. I've been upstaged by television before...(usually a Bronco game) but this was certainly different and I didn't mind at all.
Everyone was very polite and even made a few requests for songs. I ended my show just a little early so all could enjoy the big show on the big screen! I thought it was pretty cool to see their eyes fixed on the the scenes from the place they were born but probably don't remember. They're just a bunch of kids from Colorado now but got a chance to see the ceremonies and all the fireworks like the rest of us. Still, I can't help but think they took it all in with just a little bit more interest.

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