Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One More Ripple

I stopped by Point Park awhile back thinking I could take a picture of Mt. Baldy and Grand Lake with a ripple from the water by tossing a stone, just like in my song. I was never a good baseball player, but in 'little league' I was good enough to make the team as a shortstop and da, da, da, da.
Anyway, if you are right handed and holding a camera in your favorite hand and then you are forced to toss that pebble into the lake like a southpaw, no offense intended, but I threw it just "like a girl"! It's an embarrassing situation, situation just the same, and I looked to see if anyone noticed this awkward moment. Not a creature was stirring, not even a moose.
So I snuck back home and downloaded the picture on to my computer so I could upload it to all you good people who religiously read this blob. Well, the ripple and splash are captured forever in time. That's not 'Photoshop', that's real Colorado lake water and Colorado blue skies and a special mountain that keeps watch on all us critters below.
You know?, I don't know an upload from reload or a...but I have a good time sharing my thoughts and pictures of this old 'beetle infested paradise' with y'all. I wouldn't trade it for a soggy soft shell burrito from 'Polish and Lefty's'!
So keep those cards and letters coming and "always fill your canteen upstream from the herd! "(Ronnie Wheels)


Anonymous said...

Nice picture Corm. Southpaw toss huh?!

ronnieroo said...

Beautiful pic corm, fond memories...greetings from just across the boarder
oh and Julie said the funeral was real nice and your message was truly appreciate.
thanks Corm
S i take it that's Ray's a southpaw or as we would say in Oz a 'mollygooker!' G'day to Ray xo

StevieRay said...

Better watch it Cormus. You could have hit Stanski on the head!