Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ribbons Buy Resources

The 'Ribbons of Hope Campaign' is still going strong. I've been able to donate a check for $1,000.00 to the Grand County Library District for breast cancer resources and I should be able to give another one next week. That will put me two thirds of the way to my goal of $3,000.00!
I'd like to thank everyone who has helped get this project off the ground and flying.
Pictured here are Penny Hamilton(on the left), me, Stephanie Ralph and Marlene Leisure. This whole idea was Penny's and librarians, Stephanie and Marlene. They are all 'survivors' and have put together a terrific list of books, DVDs, etc. for the resources that will be available at all the library branches here in Grand County.
There are still T-shirts and CDs for sale and I even have some new shirts in different colors and styles.
I'm going to set up a booth at the 'Farmer's Market' in Granby this Friday in hopes of getting the message out to some new people.
I must admit, it's been alot of work but well worth it and every time I order more shirts I worry that I won't be able to sell them. So far, things have worked out just fine. Thanks again to all who have helped and made contributions!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Corm.
Ray & Teri