Saturday, October 4, 2008

Auctioneer Extrodinare

Ed Peterson and his lovely wife Sharon have been helping out with community events here in Grand Lake for a long time. Whenever there's a fundraiser, they are always there to help out. Some years back, Ed got talked into being the auctioneer at some event(probably the Christmas project) and although he'd never done it before, he's turned into the regular auctioneer for every fundraiser that comes along.
After the race, they hold an auction to raise even more money to be donated to the Komen- Denver race fund. Ed and Sharon will be on hand to run the auction and help keep the spirit of the morning going on into the afternoon. I wonder what I'll buy this year?

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MJ said...

Hope you all had a successful day and raised some money for such an extraordinary cause. Even though I was not able to be there this year, I was with you all in spirit. I love you all and my thoughts were with you today.