Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holding On To The Sun

Winter's just around the corner. We had the third snow up high a couple days back and even had snow on the ground here at 8,369. That means the snow and cold will be around now until next May or June. There are times when the snow is welcome and, of course we always have a white Christmas. The skiing and snowmobiling are great winter activities and good for our local economy. The thing I never seem to get used to about this time of year, however, is the lack of sunshine. The days are growing shorter and won't start getting longer again until December 21st. At least daylight savings time is a couple weeks longer this year and there's always the option of heading south. So I'm just gonna hang on to the sun as long as I can. Viva la Sol!

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Anonymous said...

Mi casa su casa. You are always welcome to some of our sunshine when the skys are too grey. Throw a snowball for me:) xox Muff