Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The world series starts tonight. We all remember last year and how the Red Sox swept our Rockies in their first ever world series bid. This year the Tampa Bay Rays are in for the first time vs. the Phillies and I'm throwing my hopes in for the Rays. Our 'little buddy', D.W. is a Rays fan and even got a Ray-Mohawk haircut and dyed it blue...that's a fan! I have nothing against the Phillies but it's good to see new blood in America's great past time. I've snorkled in waters with mantas and even sting-rays but can't quite get a handle on what the Philly Fanatic green thing is all about. GO RAYS!!! (Dubs, I hope you get to shave your head!)


Anonymous said...

For us that know our buddy DW that picture of the blue-hawk is so becoming! Lets hope that the Rays win for his sake. What a guy!!!

Anonymous said...

not gonna happen