Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Seven Seasons

Most places get the usual four seasons. Here at 8369', we get about seven seasons. There's Summer, Fall, and Winter(mostly Winter) and of course what we call "Mud Season". But there can be many "Mud Seasons" and I believe we are in our second one this year. It will snow again over the next two or three months but now that the ground has warmed, the snow will last a few days and then the mud will return. It's always nice to see some warmer weather but there are consequences and mud is 'numero uno'. It's a great time of year to do some "Spring Skiing" or go to 'Somewhere with A Beach'!! I hope that may happen but if not, I'll just try and remember to leave my shoes outside. Well, as Kris Lapp said in the movie 'Jeremiah Johnson'..... "March maybe, don't believe April. March is a damp and muddy month down below, some people like mostly!!


Anonymous said...

"March Mudness"

ronnieroo said...

At least you've just got mud season. Here at On A String Ranch with 60 horses, two mules and a mini donkey all shedding their winter coats we don't just have 'mud season' we 'HAIRY' mud season!
Big Cheers, Ronnie Roo