Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oh, Vanna, Pick Me A Letter!

As most you, who have ever been to the Lariat Saloon know, it's a sort of museum. There are collections of photographs, stuffed animals, old signs, and way too many other things to mention here. Hell, you could write a book on everything that hangs on the walls and ceiling of 'The Rope'.
For some strange reason, every now and then, someone decides that they should have one of those pieces of Grand Lake history for themselves rather than leave it where it belongs! Most of the archives are screwed into place but that won't stop anybody with a cordless drill and no morals.
Over the years, a few things have disappeared that are not replaceable. For Washburn guitar, John Wayne's life-sized cardboard figure who adorned a "Chuck Schmuck for President" T-shirt, many tambourines, hundreds of Alligator Al "egg shakers", but this last month has really taken the cake! First of all, the "Hippies Use Back Door Only" sign decided to use the back door and never return and now the autographed picture of Vanna White that Keith Bird(The Doughboy/Doughnut Man) donated to the bar has gone to "Never, Never Land".
I can't replace any of that other stuff, but I've decided to replace Vanna. Here are two photos of the letter turning legend and I need you bloggers' to help in deciding which one to choose. I welcome your comments, as always, and if anyone has a better photo....please send it to the 'How Can We Live Without Vanna? fund' care of The Lariat Saloon, PO Box 1, Grand Lake CO 80447


Anonymous said...

What appear to be strategically placed paw prints on a black loin cloth type ensemble topped off with matching head band gives the top photo of Vanna that rugged mountain outdoor look but yet subtly puzzling in its own way. Only missing a ‘Rope’ to complete the wardrobe. I would lean towards picking the top photo of Vanna. Signed, a four-letter phrase.

William said...

I'll contribute! Let's get 'em both!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the traditional republican looking Vanna ...signed Tubby