Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sometime Next Week

I really don't have much to say

It's just a laid back, lazy Sunday.

Tomorrow, for most, it's their Monday.

But, as for's my Friday.

Under the covers where I sometimes sleep.

I can lift my head and take a peek

To see if the mountain has reached it's peak.

Then back to my bed I'll soon retreat.

And I'll talk to you all sometime next week.

1 comment:

RJ Denver said...

Mon. Morning
Steve Cormey AKA;
Lil Bo Peep;
Under the covers;
Where he does sleep;
Raised up his head;
Looked into the mirror;
O'why is my face so red?
It's because replied Jeanine;
You tried to sneak a peak;
Now get on your own side and count some sheep;
Hopefully then I can get some sleep.