Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just Hangin' Out With The Coconut Man

Yes, Mr. Tubby, there is such a thing as cabin fever! I've been almost snowbound for the last two days! I say almost, because I did manage to make my way to Caroline's the last two nights but then the snow hit the fan. It would snow on and off all day and let up around 6:00 or so. That's when I would make my escape... but soon afterwards the skies would open up again and I was lucky to find my little car and plow my way back home. But as they sing in the Monty Python song..."always look on bright side of life". So I hunkered down on the couch, watched TV until I was so bored that I actually got off my ass and worked on a song I had been messing with for awhile. I believe I even got somewhere with it but then again, it is almost 2:00 in the morning. DUH!!! That's when I get home from work on Friday anyway. I wish i was in Belize just hangin' out with the coconut man!


jbear said...

Which one's the "Coconut Man"

Anonymous said...

and what a truely incredible song it is ~ i think it would sound good on the beaches of belize!
~ s ~

Anonymous said...

the coconut telegraph