Sunday, April 19, 2009


Those were the days my friend. I often think back to the 'good old days' and the corner cupboard and of course, the "PUBSKI". Stevie Ray, Stan , Fetch, Julie ,Fast Eddie, Maloyski and Slabovia ( I think I still might have a map drawn on the back of an order note that shows a map where the Joan Rivers meet). Larry Bishop has a great song about the day they tore the old pub down. I could write a book about those days and late nights and early mornings. That's really not a bad idea. If any bloggers have some memories about the Pub. Please pass them along and maybe Stevie Ray and the rest of the gang can reach down in the "Wayback Machine" and recall what the Rumpelmints didn't erase!


Anonymous said...

it's all a blurrrr Opa!!!

jbear said...

The only place where the roof was on the inside

Anonymous said...

I remember one night at the pub ... Ed-Weird (who was working there at the time) was telling me about these new things called "CDs" and how great music sounded on them.

And oh yeah ... OPA!