Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Closet?

If you can't live with 'em.. then join 'em. Sorry mom, but after 57 years as a man, I've finally discovered my feminine side! After two weeks in Trinidad, I am all healed up now and ready to be the bitch I was born to be! Those boys at the Lariat better watch out!! I walk softly but carry a big purse! I'm ready to spread my wings (or legs ) and live the rest of my life as a blond.

After is April First (you fools).


Sean said...

Obviously the Hormone Therapy hasn't kicked in yet...too much beard...on your face!

See you at the sewing circle!

Anonymous said...

Looks kinda like a thin Aunt Bea. Or Clara.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! This totally cracked me UP!!!
Sean said it all tho, the beard ... well ... it clashes with the frock!! LOL!! Shelly's friend

Anonymous said...

oh contre mon amies! i think the beard co-ordinates very nicely with the fox! its the banana i cant figure out!

Ronnieroo said...

I've figured out the banana! It's thing...above the thing..on his head i can't quite fathom!

Anonymous said...

sleep with your back against the wall until it's safe to come out.