Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Was Just Cleaning The House

Tonight I got the vacuum out

To clean and sweep the floor

When I chanced upon a spider

Who was swept up near the door

And I wondered what she thought

As she was sucked up by the Bissel

Is this the end? ...or the beginning?

As she was launched up like a missile

To exist in that old vacuum bag

With the dust-mites and...who knows?

Hidden in the darkness

Wondering where her life will go

I hope she starts a family

In that paper vacuum bag

To raise her little "spiderlings"

In a world that's not too sad

I hope she doesn't hold a grudge

Or sound off an alarm

I only meant to clean my house tonight

I didn't mean to do her harm.


Anonymous said...

devils & dust

Ronnieroo said...

Corm, these are brilliant little poems. Are you writing them or are they from Where the Sidewalk Ends? I have written a story called Boris and the Strange New Thing. It's about the adventures of a spider as he gets sucked up into a vacuum cleaner!!
Cheers Roo
Oh, and that was a nice Easter card by the way!!LOL

Anonymous said...

This one is mine. I really was cleaning the house and as i was vacuuming, a spider got in the way.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you next book should be a poetry book!