Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chuck Schmuck

Many's the time I think about my friend and mentor...Chuck Schmuck. Chuck and I played music together for many years in Grand Lake and even a few 'road trips' to places like Flagler CO, Colby KS. and even Vail. He loved music so much and was always ready to play, unless he'd had a few too many 'Whooskeys'.
I sure do miss our times at the Lariat or the Beer Garden at Squeaky Bob's. He always kept me going no matter what. If the crowd wasn't into the music, he'd always bring 'em to life with a rousing Gut Bucket solo or his one and only rendition of 'You Gotta Have Skin'.
On nights like last night, when things are a little slow and no one's paying any attention to the music, I always look over my shoulder to his old Washtub hanging on the wall with his picture inside and it picks up my spirits and gives me a smile. Chuck made lots people smile and was one of the truely memorable characters of Grand Lake.
Chuck ran for President (twice) and in an election year like now, I wish more than ever he was back on the campaign trail raising money with dollar a plate dinners of macaroni and cheese. He used to say "There's alot of graft and greed in Washington, and I want my share".
Thanks Chuck! You're always beside me in spirit, still upliifting my soul.


Ray C said...

I was lucky enough a time or two to share the stage with Chuck and Corm, before during and after too many 'Whooskeys'. I echo the thoughts of Chuck. He was a good man. May his soul be at rest.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve for keeping Grandpa Chuck alive in your music. I can hardly think of him and not remember your music.

Thank you
Damien Schmuck