Friday, February 29, 2008

The Sledding Hill

The road in front of my house makes for a great sledding hill in the Winter. Unfortunately, some people just don't know how to sled anymore. This morning, for example, I go outside and discover a large truck with a wood chipper jack-knifed behind it taking up the whole road!
This is not proper sledding etiquette. There was no room for anyone else to get by and enjoy the best part of the hill (the bottom). That's where you really pick up speed and can whiz right by my place and on to the finish!
The correct way to conquer the hill is to start at the top with a toboggan or saucer, get a good running start, and fly like crazy as fast as possible. This business of starting at the bottom and going as far as you can until you start sliding backwards and end up sideways is just not cricket!
Leave it to the pros on sleds with their dogs chasing behind to do the screaming and shouting.


MJ said...

HOW RUDE!!!!! Wood chippers don't belong in your neighborhood anyway. Hope they learned their lesson!!!!

William said...


Love your Blog. Got back from San Diego late Tuesday, Stopped at MargerittaVille in Phoenix and got a great shire for Buffet night. Driving through the desert was great as usual and it was nice to get back home to some nice weather. --- BC