Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is the view from Barefoot Beach Belize on Caye Calker. Jeanine or Jaa(as we refer to her in Belize) and our friend Lana Weeks will be going there in March for 5 nights. If I have all this blog stuff figured out by then, I will try and update the blog during our travels. This will let folks know what we're up to and also help to keep a journal.

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Real Elderly said...

Gee Dern .... this out to get interesting. If you need something to do with your time. I can send you a matched set of box elder bugs to mate. They become very entertaining. Hiding in your coffee cup & flying into your face. Yesterday I found some holed up in my printer. I feel they are the perfect pet for people that travel...... signed brother Real