Friday, February 22, 2008

East Inlet Trail - Rocky Mountain National Park

Yesterday (Thursday), Jeanine and I hiked up the East Inlet Trail to the second meadow (pictured left). The picture on the right shows Adams Falls in the dead of Winter with just a trickle of water flowing silently beneath the snow. The temperature was about 30 degrees with a little sun peeking through the clouds now and then. Nice day for a stroll up to one my favorite spots. The second meadow has been the inspiration for some of my songs, including 'Make a Little Ripple' and 'Never Summer..forever Home'. This Winter has been especially cold and snowy so far without many days like today. It felt good to get out and breathe some fresh mountain air. I hope tomorrow is as nice, although more snow is in the forecast.

Thanks again to everyone who checks this now and then...Corm

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MJ said...

Adams Falls look awesome!!! Glad that you and Jeanine had time to visit this winter wonderland. I miss you guys. Thanks for posting the pics!!!