Thursday, February 21, 2008

Total Lunar Eclispse

This is a view of the total lunar eclipse as seen from Grand Lake. This incredible shot was taken at approx. 8:25 pm Mountain Time.Lots of people (3 or 4) were out on the boardwalk to witness this incredible event which won't happen again until Dec. of 2010! On second thought, I guess those people were outside the Lariat smoking, but looking skyward as they puffed away. It was trivia night at the Lariat with nine-toed Bob hosting. 'Mixed Nuts', whose team consists of Bernie and Phil McGinn, Flembob and Jim Cervenka took the overall honors. Our team, 'The Killer Bees' tied for second place (always the Bridesmaid). This morning finds some sunshine, which is far better than the snow that was forecast! Today could be a good day for cross-country skiing or a trip to the 'Big City', Granby, that is. That's all for now. Thanks to everyone for reading this blog and posting comments. I've gotten some good one's already.....Corm

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Ron Denver said...

I've been looking at the eclipse picture for 20 minutes and so far nothing. Maybe if I look at it upside down...nope same thing.

Still I believe you if say its there. Would you like to see my pictures of a recent snow storm?

Pretty neat huh.

Pictures aside, love the blog.