Monday, July 21, 2008


As we get older I guess we find ourselves talking more and more about the good old days. I know I do and I wonder if things really were more fun back then or if it's just me. This weekend was 'Buffalo Bar-B-Q Days' in Grand Lake and it was always one of best times of the year; not anymore (at least in my opinion). There was no 5k run on saturday for the first ime in over 25 years and they haven't had 'Western Week' as a prelude to the weekend for many years now. When I first came here in the 70's we used to have canoe races, greased pole climbing, wheel barrel races from bar to bar and even a fast draw contest where you had to draw-shoot-holster-drink a shot-draw and shoot again- holster....all for the fastest time. There were horse races and John Henry Rhone got hanged about five times a day. The parade on Sunday was hokey but a lot of fun. Everyone had a float and there were marching bands, the Shriners in their little cars, synchronised lawn chair marching and (my favorite) the bagpipe band. Pictured here are Dustin and Patrick Barnes dressed up as Chuck Schmuck and myself. They're both in their 20's now and will probably kill me if they see this picture.
Every bar and restaurant and business made great floats for the big parade. Louie Heckert had his jeep with the loud speakers on top to announce the goings on and they actually had REAL buffalo that was barbecued over night in a pit. Celebrities such as Miss Colorado or the Governor or a Denver TV personality were always in attendance. There were great water fights between the rafting companies and the Grand Lake Lodge, the Pub, Squeaky Bob's and every one who could tote a squirt gun or a water balloon. One year even the Grand Lake Fire Department waited on the last corner to ambush the Lodge's old fire truck! Most years it rained like hell and, of course, mother nature always won those water fights.
This year was just lame! Oh, Louie's jeep was still there (thanks to 'Peter the Painter'), the Rotary still had a pancake breakfast and there was a small water fight between the Lariat and Pancho's at the very end, a few horses and at least the Colorado Rangers were there to stage a gun fight or two and throw some folks in the pokey. Other than that, it was nothing like in the past.Maybe it's just me but I do miss the good old days...

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