Thursday, July 31, 2008

Taking in the Sights of the Rockies

Here's a couple photos taken by two of our friends who came to visit last week. Lisa took the picture of the bighorn sheep on a hike up Mt. Ida she made with Jeanine. Toni took the picture of an osprey having a trout dinner on the shores of Shadow Mountain Lake when she hiked up to the fire lookout tower on Shadow Mountain.
It's wonderful to have friends visit and even better to see them enjoy the beautiful country around here that we call home. I've been up to the fire tower many times and even made it to the top of Ida about ten years ago but I never got pictures like these. Maybe the animals like to pose for good looking women. Make sure to click on the pictures for a blow up shot.
Don't forget your camera MJ

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Mary Jo said...

The osprey picture is AWESOME!!! Harless should be an artist or something. I blew it up and am going to frame it. Never seen one that close before. Great job Harless!!! Thanks!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!