Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Just A Damn Shame We Can't Have Any Fun Up Here

One of the nice things about summer is getting to see good friends who come to visit. Last week we had a tee pee party with friends from Iowa and a friend of Jeanine's, Lisa, from Rhode Island and now our buddy Toni is here from Ohio! We enjoyed a nice hike in RMNP and dinner at Daven Haven and then sang along with Nilsson at home afterwards.
Lad Barber took us on a nice cruise around Grand Lake this afternoon. It's always good to see everything from the lake, it's a great perspective. Lad was great and it was Toni's first time out on the lake! Then we had lunch at Miyauchi's snack bar and off to Denver... to DIA and tearfully send the Tonester back to Ohio. We had a great visit and I miss her goofy self already. Next week another good friend from Ohio will be out to visit...the one and only MJ(Mary Jo) or 'little s--t' as I call her.
Even though summer is a busy time, it's so great to see good friends and family. Sometimes you even feel like a tourist yourself, just by showing them around and doing things you don't always give yourself time to do. We love to show off our little town and the beautiful country around here and there's no time like summer time in GL. Well the coyotes are howling outside(really!), so I guess it's time call in the dog and piss on the fire..or piss on the dog and throw him on the fire, anyway......come up and see me sometime.
PS. no animals were killed or harmed in the filming of the picture above...only some ear drums and a few brain cells.

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tonester said...

i think my allergies were acting up - that must be why my eyes look sooo funny... no excuses for the rest of my face!
I cried inside all the way home, had so much fun w/you both. can't wait to get back for the race.
thanks again to Lad for being so nice and giving us a last minute tour.