Wednesday, July 9, 2008

'Ribbons of Hope''s finally here!

The CD is done, the T-shirts are here, we have the perfect place to 'Make a Little Ripple'!!
As some of you may already know, this whole idea happened last fall the day before the 'Race for the Cure' run in Grand Lake. The spirit of this race always inspires me. All the people who work so hard to make our little event a reality every year and contribute to the Komen Foundation.
Well, anyway, I wrote a song for the race and Peggy Mann and I played it before the start and afterwards. Everyone loved the song and said I should record it. Well I did and thanks to friends such as Peggy, Brad Pregeant, Larry Bishop,Allan Blackwell, Ray Camenga, Hatter, Vesta at Elk Creek Art Gallery and many others, it's now a reality.
The Granby library had contacted Jeanine a while back and asked for her help and input to an idea they had to start a Resource Center in the library with books, pamphlets, brochures, maybe helplines and even funds for mammograms to help women in Grand County with questions and support in regard to breast cancer. The song was already in the works and I thought that any proceeds from the CD and shirt sales should go to the library's resource center project.
They have already started by having people contribute books and with any luck and the support of good folks like you blog readers, they will have a little more moo la to help them on their way. Stephanie Ralph and Penny Hamilton are the ladies to talk to in regard to the library's goals.
This whole concept started with George Harrison and his concert for Bangladesh. He said anyone can do it, no matter how small, you can use music to help people and bring happiness and support to those who need it. My friend 'Beau' Jerry Nelson did this in Greeley back in 1972 or so and my musical partner, Morgan Whaley and I played for his little fundraiser and I've never forgotten how magical it can be to help out by doing something you love like playing music!
My song, "Make a Little Ripple" is about that very thing. I wrote that for a video for the United Way a long time ago and the message still rings true. Peggy and I did a concert in Grand Lake a few years ago to raise money for the 'Nursie Young' scholarship fund at Middle Park High School and it helped to kick start that to a program that is still going strong.
THAT'S THE HOKIE POKIE, ladies and gents. That's what it's all about! The people in Grand Lake and Grand County know that little ditty and are about most giving and generous folks you'll ever meet. I thank you all and I know we can make that little ripple into a 'big ass wave'.
If anybody reading this wants to make a little ripple in their own way in the fight against breast cancer and all cancer, please feel free to use the Ribbons of Hope song to help. This has nothing to do with the Komen foundation but they are certainly welcome and encouraged to use the song if they want also, and so so are all of you.... That's what music is for...that's the Hokie Pokie, that's what it's all about!!

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