Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rainbows of Hope

Today was a great day! For starters I woke up and that's important these days. Then I met with Stephanie Ralph, from the Granby Library, and Tonya Bina Munn(who is married to my 'brudder from another muddor '...Scott Munn and that's a whole different story. Anyway Tonya is a reporter for the local newspaper and was there on business. So, getting back to this morning...we all met at the library to talk about the 'Ribbons of Hope' campaign. We told Tonya about what we hope we can do to fund the library's goal for a collection of books, DVDs, brochures, etc. These resources would be available through the Grand County Library District for anyone wanting guidance regarding breast cancer. The song I wrote (Ribbons of Hope) is now recorded and Peggy Mann sang her heart out on the recording and it inspired me to do something with it. I had heard through Jeanine (she would be the woman that shares my strange little world with me) that the library wanted to start this resource 'center' and I figured maybe I could raise some money to help by selling a CD of the song. Then I thought about T-Shirts to go along and it's blossomed into a very positive thing.
Well, getting back to...(where was I?) Oh yeah, we gathered to have a photo shoot for the article in the paper with Byran Hetzler (also from the newspaper) and no one showed up ( I felt like I was at a gig with Walter).
And then something magical happened...this incredible rainbow appeared in the eastern skies and low and was a 'Kodak moment' (settle down Stevie Ray).
So check out the Ski Hi News today and see if we made it. I think the web site is
I know I've been pushing this thing a lot but I believe that the rainbow was just another sign that this 'Little Ripple' might just turn into a wave!
ps. pictured is Peggy Mann(the first 'n' is silent) and some guy from the witness protection program.

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MJ said...

Here's to Little Ripples, Big Waves and rainbows in the sky!!! Good luck with it all!!!!