Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Snowy Valentine

I hope the snowplow driver's don't have big plans for Valentine's Day! When it rains hard, they say it's raining like cats and dogs. So when it snows hard, is it snowing like penguins and polar bears? Right now it is coming down heavy and if this keeps up it might be very interesting getting to work tonight in my little Ford Focus. This picture doesn't quite capture the intensity of snow that's falling but I bet Karla Booth is out there with her camera capturing the flakes as they make their way to earth. This looks like one of those storms that could really dump and I hope it doesn't screw up people's Valentine's festivities. Up here the snow is always welcome but personally, I'd rather be somewhere with a beach!


toni said...

I'd rather be in Grand Lake.
happy belated Valentine's day, Cormus! one of these days I'll come out there and visit my heart again, I always leave it behind when I come 'home'. :(

Anonymous said...

makes you want to listen to some 'V' music.