Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flash King

As we all know too well, the economy is down a little. Grand Lake is not doing too bad but not as good as usual for Winter. A person can watch the news on TV or the Internet or read about it in the paper(if one still exists). For me, the sure sign that things were not so good was seeing Bobby King tending bar at his own restaurant instead of hanging out at 'The Mango Deck' in Cabo and fishing with "Captain Rob"! Most winters, he spends his time in Mexico, but not this year. He's bar tending at Pancho & Lefty's under his new name..."FLASH"!
The speed at which he makes drinks is 'lightning fast'. It's like "Quick Draw Magraw" with a bottle and a slice of lime. I haven't seen him move so fast since his last 'lap dance' went bad.
So next time you're in Grand Lake, stop into P & L's and have a margarita from "FLASH KING"! Just don't blink your eyes or you might miss it.


Anonymous said...

Send photos of Flash dancing on his bar aka Coyote Ugly.

Does Flash ... flash any skin ?

In a down economy... a peek at your man boobs will not generate tips....B (Tubby) Franklin

topher said...

Thats exactly how mandy said he is in bed....if he can get it up!

MJ said...

Bobby???? Is that you???? There is something different about you...and not just because you are ACTUALLY working. I haven't seen you since summer, but something has changed. Jeez!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he must be out of "Just For Men"!!