Monday, February 2, 2009

Marmot Day

It's February 2nd, aka. Ground Hog Day. Here at 8369 we have our own version...Marmot Day! Marmots are the high altitude kin to ground hogs. Just a short walk from my house I can often see some of these little critters hanging out by the pumping plant on Lake Granby. I didn't see any today but even if it had been sunny and they saw their shadows, what happens then? We know in Grand Lake we're going to have not just six more weeks of Winter but most likely six more months of it! I saw where London had six inches of snow and it shut down the whole city. Up here we call that a dusting of snow. The best thing about February is that it's not January anymore. Happy Marmot Day!!


Anonymous said...

The cuddly critter would have to lose the fur coat to last the Summer down under this year. Heat wave of 110-114F for about ten days now. People dropping like flies, letrally. So much for Adelaide having a "Mediterranean climate". Sheesh! Send us a couple of months of Grand Lake winter gladly. We'll take the critter too! Then you can start working on your tan early:) xox Muffskers

Sean said...

I think it's a puppet! (ala FootFoot) I think I see your hand going up there from behind those rocks. The FootFootFeenomenon is spreading...I see hand puppets everywhere!

Note to Bloggers: Order your FootFoot CD/DVD today!

BTW, here at the Zoo the giraffes saw their shadows, so it's six more weeks of tourists, jeez! (I can't complain tho', they help pay my salary.)

Cheers, Sean

Anonymous said...

looking for the beav

Anonymous said...

It's about a 5 iron.....goonga la goonga