Friday, February 20, 2009

Slow Down!

Who's dog is this? Not mine(I don't even have homework for one to eat). But obviously, someone is taking things a little too fast. My weekend advice is to slow down, smell the roses(or if you're a canine, some one's bum) and enjoy!! Come on up to 8369 and frolic in the snow or just hang out in the bars. We're open for business and anything else at this time of year.
PS. Happy birthday wishes to my good friend Penny!!

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MJ said...

Happy Birthday Penny Girl!!!

On the statement of dogs eating homework...I had to laugh. I am a 6th grade teacher and actually got a letter from a parent this week asking me to forgive the appearance of her son's homework because their puppy got ahold of it. I laughed so hard and decided to frame the letter and the homework and put it up on the bulletin board in the hall. All the kids are enjoying the time they spend "stopping to smell the roses". Enjoy life in the mountain west everyone!!!!