Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great Rude Awakening 2008

For the first time that I can remember, 'Rude Awakening' was held on a Tuesday. It began back in the 1970's at Squeaky Bob Wheelers and was usually held on the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend. Now the time honored event is held at Daven Haven Lodge and they provide a great spread of appetizers and a campfire where folks can gather around and sing along to an orchestra of acoustic guitars.
It's a gathering of locals to celebrate the coming of summer and to get ready for the invasion of tourists beginning this weekend. The weather was fantastic this year and there were more people than I can remember ever being there before. It was great for Greg and Carey Barnes, our hosts, and many thanks go out to them. There was well over a hundred people in attendance and Dave Messinger video taped the happenings. I heard complaints that it was difficult to hear the music and many asked about having a PA system there next year.
If that happens, you can count me out! To tell the truth, I miss the old days at Squeaky's when there were about 20 or 30 people and things were more simple. But more and more, I find myself thinking the 'old days' were always better. Gee Wally, you don't suppose I'm getting old or anything, am I?

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GrandCountyDave said...

I think it was a bit hard to hear cause there were soooo many people - nice warm night, good food and great music being a factor. Here's a cut just to give a flavor for the night - - or if that don't work - just go to and put search for grand county dave