Saturday, May 3, 2008

Roorda's Tree Service

One of the great things about this little town of ours is the friendships I have made here over the years. One of my dearest friends is Ted Roorda. He and his wife Babe, have a cabin here and have done a great many things to help out our little community.
Well a few years back Ted needed to cut down a rather large lodge pole pine in his front yard. He decided he could do it himself, got out the chain saw and started cutting. Babe was there holding on to the end of a rope which was attached at the other end to the very large tree. All ninety or so pounds soaking wet, she was supposed to guide the mighty pine to where it would fall harmlessly as Ted cut away with his trusty saw. Needless to say, the tree got away and fell on the neighbor's fence taking down the phone and power lines on it's final approach to mother earth! (but it did miss the boat)
Stories this good never go without notice up here and soon Ted was "in the barrel". J.D. and D.W. placed an add in the classifieds of our local paper for Roorda's Tree Service and of course used Ted's real phone number in the add. With the phone line having been repaired by now, the calls began pouring in for the newly founded tree service business. Ted was rather embarrassed over the entire incident but that never stopped us.
A 'Pakistani' bowling tournament(I don't know why it's called that) was coming up to raise money for some charity so I had T-shirts made from The Hatter with a logo I designed for our team to wear and declared Ted our unofficial sponsor. We surprised the hell out of him but Ted took it all in stride with the knowledge that soon it would be somebody else's turn "in the barrel"


Kathy Koreny said...

Hi Cormey
Just read your blog., awesome pictures, and you are a great writer. But where is the picture of me and Jeannie NAKED ON THE BEACH???

Just kidding,
How are you?
your cabo friend, kathy and the navajo rug!!!

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