Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sitting Here In Limbo

Last fall I wrote a song for the Race for the Cure and Peggy Mann and I played it at the Grand Lake race. Everyone loved it and said I should record it and see if the Susan G. Komen Foundation would like to use it for promotional purposes.
I started recording the song this winter and was hoping to have it finished and ready to send off by April. I got a great start and had the guitar,drums, banjo, bass, etc. all down on tape. Peggy put down a fantastic vocal and about all I had left to do was have Brad Pregeant play piano, Walter Holland put down some flute and I would sing a little harmony part.
Well the best laid plans..... The recorders broke down so I talked with my friend Allan Blackwell from Southwest Recording and he agreed to set me up with Pro Tools recording software. Allan has everything together but hasn't had the time to bring it up from Colorado Springs and set it up for me, the recorders are still in the repair shop and here I sit in limbo waiting to finally finish the song. I'm just hoping by the time it's done it won't be too late to send on to the 'Foundation'. I figured I'd post the lyrics here on The Blob and if you want to listen to what we've done so far, just go to my website here under links. Once on the website, go to related sites and click on sneak previews and you can listen to Ribbons of Hope.

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MJ said...

Don't give up...the song and lyrics are awesome!!!!