Thursday, May 15, 2008

When The Past Goes Marching In

With Rude Awakening fast approaching, I figured a little history of the hallowed event might be in order. Rude Awakening is Grand Lake's 'Right of Spring'. It's a time for the cabin fevered weary locals to come out of hibernation and get ready for the summer season and the onslaught of tourists who will soon be arriving.
It's a celebration started by Bill Reardon of Squeaky Bob Wheelers fame along with Bob Beck and Dick 'Ducky' Kruse. They used to hold it on the Saturday before Memorial Day as a kind of warm up for the busy weekend ahead.
Pictured here is Jeanie Jury on saxophone, me on banjo, Ducky with his famous "It's a damn shame we can't have any fun up here" shirt, Mary Argo(later Mary Schmuck), Terry Bramwell and Bob Beck. This could have been taken at a Rude Awakening but more likely on about any weekend in the Beer Garden in the late 70's. Jeanie used to lead us in a rousing but seldom sober version of 'When The Saints Go Marching In' as we snaked our conga line through the Beer Garden and sometimes out on to Grand Ave.
After Squeaky Bob's was sold, the celebration was moved to the Daven Haven Lodge where Greg and Carey Barnes have been the hosts ever since. They moved it to the Thursday before Memorial Day and have a great spread of appetisers and food. The camp fire attracts local musicians and folks trade off songs and stories of their memories of Grand Lake. Until her passing, Nursie Young was always Miss Rude Awakening adorned with her crown, scepter and ribbon proclaiming her so. Bill Reardon usually makes it up from Denver and Hobie from B&K Distributing is always there to give out T-shirts, hats and some tickets to a Rockies or Bronco game.
This year Rude Awakening is being held on Tuesday, May 20th. So mark your calenders and get ready to party! Who knows?, you might even be on Dave Messinger's video this year.

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Ronnieroo said...

You need to tell the 'story' of the rude awaking and how it got its name. Your blogs are really entertaining especially if you know and love Grand Lake.Love the saxophone stunt!
Cheers and beers Roo.