Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mountain Ears Recording

With a little help from my friends, my home studio is up and running. My friend Allan Blackwell has been fantastic in helping me get a home recording studio that is in with the times. Allan has a studio in Colorado Springs where I recorded the first four CDs. He and my good friend Ray Camenga helped produce those CDs and the three of us worked very well together. Ray even came up with a name for the new studio. He thought since I lived in Grand Lake, I should call it Mountain Ears. I'm looking forward to working with the two of them again on my next couple of
If you read the blog about sitting in limbo, you know I've been anxiously awaiting the chance to get recording again. The tape recorders in studio 'B' are fixed so I can finish Ribbons of Hope and I've started recording here at home now too. I hadn't really expected my first recording here to be the Foot, Foot Song but that's what's come to be.
If you keep up with Ronnie Roo's blog (, you know that we're working on a story book idea based on an old song I've been singing for a long time. Ronnie's doing the illustrations and is coming along wonderfully and now I can get started on the music part of the project.
I'm just learning how to use this new-tech stuff but have already laid down guitar, bass, drums, a vocal and even a little ukulele! I'm also doing the narration to go with the story, illustrations and the music. I'm hoping to do something similar to Harry Nilsson's 'The Point' as far as combining everything into an easy to follow format that will include the book, a CD of the song and a DVD with the illustrations, narration and music all together.
Everything is still in the infancy stages but with some luck and a little help from my friends, who knows? Now if I can just get Ringo to do the narration....


Anonymous said...

Lil Stevie Lee .... very nice studio .... Renne & I enjoyed the preview of Foot Foot .....rlm

Anonymous said...

Hey just a heads up, my father had a recording studio outside of Boulder in the 80's called Mountain ears Recording.