Friday, May 23, 2008

Sign Me Up Scotty

I guess I'm back in the sign business. My sign work has always taken a backseat to my music but lately I have less gigs and more time so I've taken on a few sign jobs. Most of what I do is routed wood and rustic stuff but I did my first computer generated sign for Jean Claude at Caroline's Cuisine. He's started a smoked salmon business and he wanted a sign and logo. I was able to do the logo on my computer and thanks to my friends at Image Signs and Graphics, I was able to e-mail my logo and have it printed out on a vinyl transfer. They sent it up, I applied it to Plexiglas and 'bingo'....a nice professional sign!
I've also got some hand-lettered projects in the works and it's been good to get back to work. Now that my computer skills are a little better, it's made it a lot easier to come up with sketches and color schemes that give the customer what they want. It's good these days to have some things to fall back on when times are hard.
Who knows? maybe the story of the 'brothers foot' will work out and give me one more for the resume.


toni marie said...

Keep beautifying your surroundings, signman! I'm working on a sandblasted cedar sign now. thanks for the sweet mention here awhile back -I was AWOL and just saw it/posted response. You are a ROCKIN' good friend, and I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Corm--Hope to see you in October for the Race if the pine beetles have not eaten you up by then