Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

What a bunch of bull! New Years Eve with out champagne? What would the 'Pennstigator' think? I played at Caroline's tonight for the dinner hour...pretty mellow, but nice. I remember, or don't remember, all the New Years Eve's I've played over my 35 years or so of doing this music thing. I think Mountain Flyer played at a VFW hall in Ulysses Kansas once or twice and our drummer tried to run over Joe with his van, (why Joe?) Of course, we got a new drummer soon after (why is it always the drummers)? And how about the 'Clones of the Pioneers' gigs at the Hungry Farmer in "The Springs" with Barky Lew driving home with out a shirt and a tiara on his head(he would still be in jail if the cops had stopped him). Many years at the Lariat with Walter, Mac, Scott, 'Hot Rod' and Alligator Al and the 'Pirates'. One year with "Super Dave" at the Arboreal Club( I don't how it's spelled or anything about it, other than it's up by Mary Jane in Winter Park) We got a whole bunch of rich people to do a conga line and dance on tables. Dave and I barely made it there and back because a couple feet of snow decided to fall that night and they never asked us to play there again! I think one of my favorite's was at Jimmy and Patty's bar in Encampment Wyoming a few years back and we stayed at RG's wonderful bed and breakfast in Riverside. Mac got to share a room with Mike Hall instead of Rene because the weather was so bad that she couldn't make it. There was a contest the next morning between Jimmy and RG over who made the best Bloody Mary's (both excellent). WOW.... if I could remember all the New Years Eve gigs I've played?....I could write a book, but no one would believe it! Oh, the stories we could tell.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Corm!!!!!

The Pennstigator does think it's a bunch of BULL NOT to have champagne on New Years Eve!!!

Sounds like you had a nice evening.

See you soon!

The Pennstigator

Anonymous said...

I forgot about the tiara. Classic!

MJ said...

Champagne and bubbly is all overrated. Give me a nice glass/bottle of Reisling and I'm a happy puppy!!!


Sean said...

Wow,Corm, thanks for waking up the memory...again! So many great New Year's gigs and the Clones' events stick out in my mind. One that I remember part of (LOL) was when we played the Farmer and John and Patty (you MUST remember John and know, Wally and the BEAV)were sitting in the front row ('natch) and he had a long black cane with some blingy do-dad on the end. I kept spying that cane all night, wanting to get my hands on it cuz he kept poking us from his front row seat with it. Damn! Now this is the part that I don't really remember due to being over served...I guess for an encore we whipped into Gloria and I went over and grabbed the cane, made my way onto the top of a table and proceeded to smash the cane to smithereens...all in time to the music. Then I fell off the table, got up and kept playing. Ah, show biz! I only know the story cuz Barky took home the stub of the cane and related the whole thing to me the next morning. I sure hope it was true....thank God Gloria was such a "forgiving" song. LOL
Happy New Year, pal!