Sunday, January 18, 2009

Check Out These Bums!!

Sean, I hate to bust(or lance)your bubble...but these are not hemorrhoids but actually Q-tips. I remember my doctor telling me when I was a kid not to stick anything in my "Lyndon Johnson" ears smaller than a finger inside a washcloth.(OK, I opened myself up for a few comments there)...But as I recall our Dr.Gardner?(BEST PEDIATRICIAN IN THE KNOWN FREE WORLD!!) warned us against the evil ways of 'Q-Tips' in the ears before she would slap us on the back with her gusto as she'd send us on our way back to 'Leave it to Beaver World'. As you can see, these are cotton tail bunnies and not ashamed to show off their back sides. Who wouldn't be proud of bums like that? I mean. have you ever seen a rabbit from the front side? It's not a pretty's like the vengeance of 'Mac' forced to play 'straight harp' on a Neil Young song at the Inauguration! These are brothers of the briar patch! If you think playing to the crowds in Keensburg, Ullesses, Flagler, Colby, Milan or the "Stumble East" was tough... imagine singing in a briar patch with three ugly rednecks pointing guns in your whiskers! TRUST ME...these hares have hair!


Anonymous said...

the hammer has to have a copy of this for the little ones!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

their feet are quite big.

Sean said...

Well put! I stand corrected...they are scrumpcious little bunny kin cotton swab footsie boys.

Man, I'm glad THAT'S over!

Good luck to you, sir. I will be ordering many....for all my unknown children in the great midwest.