Sunday, January 4, 2009

As Carlos Fillets

I don't know what it is about pelicans? I think I might have been one in a former life. They are some of the coolest creatures on this planet as far as I'm concerned.! The way they glide over the water soooo low... and in what I call squadrons(which may be what that's called). Then those 'goofballs' tuck up their wings and dive from way above, dropping faster than a torpedo from the sky, snag a fish like magic and go on their merry way. Oh, they might not look as magnificent and graceful as an Osprey, Kingfisher or Sea Eagle and all those fancy birds, but these guys 'do their thing' and don't mind looking a little ridiculous in the process. Precarious landings are routine and I have this feeling that they really don't give a 'flying fish' ,because they know they are coooool!!. I have been lucky enough to go out fishing for a Dorado, Marlin or Tuna in Cabo with Captain "James B. Cool" on his boat ...the "Double Take" (no bananas please!) and as Carlos fillets on the stern, those moochers wait for the scraps from the day's catch, but I, on the other hand, relate to them. They are just living the ' life of Riley' along with everyone else on the beach and enjoying the sun and the sea. John Denver said he would like to 'come back' as an eagle, (and I believe he did). Me.... I want to come back as a pelican


Sean said...

You are "correcto-mundo, ol' wise one"....I've inquired with the Zoo people in the know and, yes, it is referred to as a squadron of pelicans. A group of pelicans has many collective nouns, including a "brief", "pod", "pouch", "scoop", and "squadron" of pelicans.
I thought this was cool...The Brown Pelican can hold about three gallons of water (and fish) in its pouch. Think what they could do with beer?!
Yeah, I think you were a pelican!


Anonymous said...

Speak of a freak of nature ..... a pelican hung like a moose aka Cornbus the flying peli with the tally ...... signed liberace snorkindoodle