Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out Of Ink

I've spent the last few days putting the final touches on 'The Foot Brothers' DVD & CD package. Thanks to help from my friend Dave Messinger and a free "trial download", I finally got the DVD finished the way I wanted. Ken Lund did an excellent job narrating the story on the Monday before(I have another blob about that recording session to come). There's a lot of work spent on getting everything as close as I can to the way I picture it in my 'little mind'. The music tracks were already recorded but I had to put that together with Ken's narration track and make it sound as smooth as I could. I'm still just learning this new Pro Tools system that Allan Blackwell of Southwest Recording set me up with awhile back, but I think I did OK. To make a long story longer, I was finally printing the DVDs, CDs and jacket covers today and ran out of ink about 5:00pm. In the 'the big smoke' that would be no problemo (the malls are open 'til 9:00) but here at 8369', the office supply in Granby was closed. The end of this boring blob is...I called the Paper Clip in Granby and Jena said she would try and have the ink cartridges I want by tomorrow. Stay tuned for more on the, soon to be released, book, CD and DVD of The Brothers Foot!

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There is civialazation at the 'Beav" Do you ship?