Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hang On Soupy

I realize it's Elvis' birthday today but what about Soupy Sales? I remember the Soupy Sales lunch show with White Fang(pictured here) and Black Paw. I saw that today was Soupy's birthday but is there any reference to the greatest 'pie in the face' TV host....nooo! Upstaged by the big "E". Elvis' movies were on the movie channel all day but I never saw a rerun of White Fang slapping ' the Soupster' in the face or Black Paw caressing his cheek just before the pie hit him in the face. I get the same treatment in Grand Lake on my birthday because I share it with DJ, Carol Wolf and Kathy Whitman (all younger and prettier). So, hang in there Soupy...Soupy hang on. Some of us "old farts" still remember.


Anonymous said...

According to a story I read about him, "a rich Soupy Sales gem which whizzed over the heads of censors and children, and landed square in the laps of mature sophisticates who had tuned in, Soupy (while assembling a pie alongside an adult guest) says: 'My wife can't make a cherry pie worth a cent, but boy oh boy, does she know how to make a banana CREAM!'"

Was there really a naked lady behind that door? Or was it Alice Cooper?

Happy Birthday Soupy!

Anonymous said...

So, how old is the Soupster, or has he gone to that big pie shop in the sky? Speaking of which, is anyone else as disapointed as I am that "Pushing Daisies" has been cancelled? It featured a pie maker named Ned and a recently dead girl named Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Soupy is still hangin' in there at 83 or so.

Sean said...

I always loved Pookie, the jazz/scat singing lion...but then, I work at a Zoo!
Soupy always had the coolest hair (kinda shaggy) for a regular TV guy and he was always fun when he hosted Hullabaloo on NBC. He even presented his sons, Tony and Hunt, in their band Tony and the Tigers,on that show. There's a bad YouTube video of them doing Day Tripper on the show. They both went on to be in Tin Machine with David Bowie and they can be found on some of Todd Rundgren's excellent early albums, before he went 'round the bend. They were pretty good players.
I also loved Soupy doing "The Mouse" The Mouse!